Welcome!……from our family to yours

A note from our Director, Louise Johnson
Welcome to our special space…

Centre4life was born out of the passion to set people up for Life, encouraging wellness and connection: the fundamental foundations we need to thrive and not just survive. 

Our minds are so often separated from our bodies as we exist in a paradigm of “go, go, go!” within the illusion that “busy enables you to get the most out of life” or “create the best opportunities for our children”. This has led to confusion, loneliness and isolation from ourselves and others.

We have all experienced times where we have been too busy to truly connect with ourselves and those most important to us. These connections are primal desires we need to satisfy to experience peace, fulfillment & contentment. Our experience with COVID has placed an even greater spotlight on this, helping us truly understand the importance of connection.

I wanted to offer a hub where we could tap into this – and hence Centre 4 Life was born. A space created to provide a beautiful place to BE and to gather amongst others. 

Centre 4 Life is designed to explore the mind, body, soul connection. Our space has had the privilege of hosting yoga and meditation, wellness workshops and psychology groups, special family celebrations and events, parental groups, play groups, intergenerational connections, first aid courses for families and so much more. I can feel the vibrant energy of all those special moments and connections in this place and it makes it truly unique.

I’m so glad you’ve chosen to visit us. I hope that your time here at Centre 4 Life leaves an indelible, positive impact and many joyful memories.


Lou. x

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